Welcome hot, lazy, hazy summer days.  Your outdoor photo shoot on a hot summer day can yield an authentic and lasting portrait.  Doug will keep your portrait session moving with good pace and posing suggestions ... clear, comfortable directions for a great look.   At very reasonable prices you'll have an enjoyable walk in the park and a portrait that you'll like.  Doug works easily with infants to centenarians ... from the nursery to the nursing home, Doug would love to work with you.  Your photo session with Photosynthesis photographer Doug Coulson will be gentle, respectful and fun.  You'll like what you get.

At your portrait session Doug combines camera skill with rapport and trust to capture authentic beauty.  Call Doug and see what he can do for you.

Keziah at four weeks ...

Photosynthesis - Relaxed photography

with gentle energy


You are more beautiful than a morning glory.  Summer is a great time for a portrait session with Photosynthesis photographer Doug Coulson.  He'll meet your family at a favorite place, hang around for an hour in the wind and mature green, and get some great shots that radiate gentle energy.   Your portrait session with Doug will be fun, friendly and relaxed ... you'll like what you get and the portrait will last for years!  Doug loves to do pet portraits too.

Doug also does onsite art and old photo digitizing and restoration at a reasonable cost with print worthy results.

Check out our FLASH Wedding (3 hours as low as $300) - for the technically inclined.

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Doug makes "house calls".  He will meet you at your home, the office or a favorite spot. Call or text (410) 757-9101; Email: doug@pscounts.com.  Ask for a great discount.  Doug is a very good photographer.

Enjoy a scroll through Light Focus.  And check out Gift It  and Free!  ... before it is not free.  And always ask about my monthly specials for weddings and family portraits ... call for some excellent specials!

Doug also does photo restoration and frameable enlargements from old pictures, as well as product photography.

Take a little time for a session with Doug to get a good photograph of yourself or family or friends at home, at the office, at an event, at a ceremony, at a favorite place.

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